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About Our Art Scholarship 

For Students of the Visual Arts   Since 1992, the Frederick Art Club (TFAC) scholarship fund has been held and administered by The Community Foundation of Frederick County, a public charity that pools many gifts from many sources and distributes the proceeds for the benefit and support of our community.  The TFAC scholarship is one of many handled by the Community Foundation.  It is designated for those pursuing studies in the visual arts.

Selection Process  TFAC’s Executive Committee appoints a member (or members) to judge applications for the art scholarship through participation on the Community Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee. On March 1 of the award year, the Executive Committee forwards to the Community Foundation the names of those who will assist in evaluating entries. 
Timeline   Scholarship availability is promoted widely, and applications are due February 15-March 15. Art scholarship applicants must present portfolios of visual arts works and may present letters of reference attesting to their talent and potential.
From mid-March through mid-April, Community Foundation staff vet the applications to make sure they are complete. TFAC representative(s) concurrently review the applications online. The two selection committees discuss their views around March 25, and the Community Foundation makes the final award determination, which is announced in early May.  

Apply   Find out how to apply for the art scholarship here.
Note:  The scholarship fund is a “quasi-endowed scholarship fund,” meaning that 5% of the fund’s June 30 market value is distributed annually for a scholarship to be awarded the following year. CFFC draws a management fee of 2% of the fund’s value. The 5% scholarship distribution plus the 2% management fee equals a 7% annual draw on the Art Scholarship Fund’s total value.



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