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TFAC "Tours" Metal Forge

Blacksmith Erin Aylor opened his studio at Hawksmith Farm in Myersville to the members of TFAC this winter. The virtual visit included the opportunity to peek inside his metal forgery and a demonstration of the basics of forging.

In addition to his career as a blacksmith, Erin is deeply involved in the kinetic art project along Carroll Creek Linear Park in downtown Frederick. His work "Three Little Birds" incorporates his love of wood and metal and, like much of his work, reflects his love for nature and his ability to draw the viewer into his vision. Since his TFAC talk his second kinetic sculpture has been installed on the creek. It’s called "Celestial Dance."

Erin, who happens to be the son of TFAC member Mary "Sam" Reeves, is a native of Frederick. He has created everything from public art such as “The Story Tree” at C.Burr Arts Library, and a totem pole for the National Parks Service to furniture for private collectors, to artfully made knives and tools designed for form and function. He heads up the Western Maryland Blacksmith Guild.

Learn more about Erin and his art at


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